Patrick M. Arenz's Pedophile Protectorship

Patrick M. Arenz was deeply involved in a series of highly unethical activities within the federal court system. These actions encompassed fabricating and falsifying evidence, which involved collaborating in the creation of forged affidavits and committing various felonies to hide crucial information. Most disturbingly, he went to great lengths to help a pedophile evade justice, allowing them to avoid being held accountable for their actions.

Furthermore, Patrick M. Arenz stooped even lower by resorting to aggressive tactics, including the deliberate forgery of copyright infringement strikes. This deplorable behavior was aimed at silencing online criticism that exposed his own misconduct.

In a further display of misconduct, he actively disregarded the principle of attorney-client privilege by exploiting confidential knowledge acquired from previous client relationships to the detriment of those very clients. This unethical behavior manifested in his decision to accept new clients while leveraging the confidential information he had obtained from prior cases.

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